Newsletter Tech Article Index

Article TitleAuthorDate Published in TCRAYear
Getting to Know the 6F35 - Code JJeff StuckJune-20182018
Educating The CustomerBrad GilbertJanuary-20172017
Fixing The 6R140 StudsMike CargillFebruary-20172017
6R140 Lock-up Clutch Removal & InstallationRick MorrisApril-20172017
Incorporating CNC Lathe Into Your OperationRaffi PilavjianJune-20172017
Getting To Know More About the 6L80/6L90EJeff StuckJuly-20172017
Defend Your Work - Troubleshooting Converter Symptoms In The 5R110W TorqShiftMark CargillAugust-20172017
Solutions for 5R110 worn input shaft splinesBrad GilbertSeptember-20172017
Torque Converter Welding 101Tim PrughOctober-20172017
Honda Trick or TreatTim PrughNovember-20172017
Identify Converter Components: 6 Key Features To Understand In Ford E40D, 4R100 & 5R110WEd LeeDecember-20172017
Converting an OE Cover to Heavy Duty Billet Design for the GM 4L60-EJerry WardJanuary-20162016
Say "Hello" to GM's JMDZTim PrughMarch-20162016
Properly Diagnose a 722.6 Shudder in Vehicles with MDS System EnginesEd LeeNovember-20162016
Just When You Thought You Knew the 6L80EJeff StuckDecember-20162016
4R70/75W Mystery Bearing NoiseEd LeeApril-20162016
Subaru CVT Lineartronic Torque Converter Ink Code 140, 170Rick MorrisJune-20162016
The Future Is Here...NowMike CargillJuly-20162016
Getting To Know the AS66RCNo AuthorAugust-20162016
Sweating The Small StuffJerry WardSeptember-20162016
Taper, Taper, TaperRick MorrisDecember-20162016
Times Are ChangingRaffi PilavjianJanuary-20152015
It Must Be the ConverterMartin BrooksFebruary-20152015
TCRA 2015 Late Model FailuresJeff StuckApril-20152015
Addressing Converter IssuesEd LeeApril-20152015
Pre-baking Clutch PistonsJerry WardMay-20152015
What's Old is New AgainBrad GilbertJune-20152015
Salvaging Allison 1000 StatorsTim PrughJuly-20152015
Rebuilding the 6R60Ed LeeAugust-20152015
Are We Getting A True Clutch Release Clearance MeasurementRick MorrisSeptember-20152015
It's Always the Little ThingsMike CargillOctober-20152015
Learning More About the 65RFEBrad GilbertNovember-20152015
Quickly measuring the bolt circleBrad GilbertApril-20142014
4T65-E 258mm piston deflectionEd LeeJune-20142014
First 6R80Brad GilbertJuly-20142014
Resurrecting Ford StatorsEd LeeAugust-20142014
Allison 1000 Converters - Identifying after the rebuildEd Lee/Tim PrughSeptember-20142014
Why Do We Have To Strive For Superior Quality?Rick MorrisOctober-20142014
VJCX, TMAX, and TMBX converter problems and fixesMike CargillNovember-20142014
Subaru CVTRick MorrisDecember-20142014

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