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Dacco F-57 8-Stud 5R55N

Taking A Closer Look…
Ford Explorer Dacco F-57 8-Stud 5R55N

Area of concerns

Excessive clearances

Common Replacement Parts:

Multi-clutch plate & stator caps

Customer Complaints

Rattling noises from inside the converter


-June 2006, Newsletter

5R55N Converter Rattle

Many rebuilders are experiencing torque converter rattle after rebuild with the 5R55N converter. While the cause is officially undetermined at this time, suspect components have come into the light. Some ideas include broken or cracked anti-rattle retainers on the clutch gear formed teeth to low pump volume to transmission fluid viscosity breakdown.

Although some success has been gained by using a full synthetic transmission fluid, it appears to still be a mechanical problem.

Instances where the retainer is suspected, it appears the clearance of gear teeth is too great for the present anti-rattle springs to be affective; however Ford has worked to correct the problem by installing a new spring design.

Always be sure to inspect these springs, even bending existing springs outward to add retaining power.

– June 2006, Newsletter