Mike Cargill

President, Mike Cargill, is currently the Product Manager for Torque Converters, Hard Parts, and Valve Bodies at Transtar Industries. After almost 20 years in the industry, he brings to the board a vast technical knowledge and extensive experience in systems for torque converter distribution and sales. After several years in the Army, Mike entered the torque converter industry with RPM In Southern California. Over the years, he has been involved in product development such as the clutch assembly for the E4OD converter and billet lids for both E4OD and A518/618 units. Additionally, he developed the first aftermarket 700-R4/4L60E Rear Reaction Shell for the ATC Distribution Group; improving on the OEM design issues. He has also been involved with the creation of a torque converter industry interchange through comprehensive research and mergers/ acquisitions by Transtar.

As a member of the TCRA Board, Mike is keen to see TCRA involved in full industry discussions on emerging OEM technology and the future of transmissions. He would like to see the production of shared bulletins to enable members to include information in the box with their converter, drawing attention to the things that should be checked before the converter is blamed. He believes that the TCRA logo should be a sign to the industry that it stands for quality, integrity, technical excellence, and innovation. In his own words “The transmission industry relies on the torque converter rebuilder to be incredibly smart in all aspects of the business: engineering, assembly capability, and business/marketing acumen”.

Currently residing in Canton, Ohio, Mike is restoring and renovating a historic home. He comments that you only need to watch the movie “The Money Pit” to get an understanding of how he feels at times. He has a deep abiding love of old Chevrolet pickup trucks, having owned both a 1951 rodder and a 1955 stock restoration. When time permits, Mike enjoys heading to the gun range for practice.

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The Torque Converter Rebuilders Association, TCRA, is a professional non-profit organization formed for the betterment of the converter rebuilding industry.