Martin Brooks

Martin Brooks, has been in the automotive industry for most of his life. An early memory is removing the engine sump on a mid-1930’s Chevrolet whilst helping his father who was starting a business in his dirt-floor garage. Anyone who has experience of lying on a dirt floor while removing screws would have to wonder about the sanity of someone who stuck with the industry after that!

The business expanded into a country garage, and this occupied school vacation time right through to leaving at the age of 16. He then joined the family business full time, serving gas and working on everything from lawnmowers to tractors. A trip to the UK in 1973 meant that the country garage no longer appealed, and a move to the city of Christchurch came in 1975. A few years working at a dealership and a couple of other jobs started an interest in automatic transmissions that eventually led to an offer of employment at one of the few Transmission Shops in town, near the end of 1978. Eventually, he bought-out one of the owners of the business, and later the other owners. The company has traded under the name Aceomatic Transmission Services Ltd., since 1988.

The torque converter side of the business started around 1988, and as in so many cases, the reason was the need for a quality converter at a realistic price. As anybody who has been around that long will know, things were a bit simpler back then when there were fewer lockup units. Aceomatic is primarily a transmission shop with two outlets in Christchurch, and the converter operation looks after their own needs, as well as a few other shops and dealers. By USA standards, it is a small operation; most units are built on demand, as the market is so varied that no two units are the same. Martin leaves the day to day running of the shop to his staff, and he is very much in the background advising and researching as required.

Outside the shop, he enjoys travel. Martin has traveled to the USA around 30 times over the last 20 years. In 2013, he achieved a long held dream of driving across the USA from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, and taking Route 66 from Chicago. He has been a regular attendee at the TCRA seminars since Len Wack convinced him to come to Indianapolis in 2006. He is the sole international member on the TCRA Board, having served on the board since 2009.

Martin has the following comment about TCRA membership –

“Over the years I have been involved with TCRA I have been impressed with the dedication of the Board and the members. It is important to remember that this is your organization and the more that you put into it the more that you will get out of it. A tremendous effort is going into the posting of specifications etc. onto the website and helping with this is your chance to put something back into your Association.”

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