2013 Raybestos Innovation Award Goals and Rules

Entry Deadline – February 28, 2014


2013tcrainnovationawardRaybestos Powertrain in partnership with TCRA look to increase industry dialogue and provide a forum to share real-world, innovative technical, process and management information for the betterment of all TCRA members which in turn improves service to each member’s customer and the driving public. As part of its commitment to supply and support the torque converter rebuilding industry, Raybestos Powertrain is offering a 2013 Raybestos Innovation Award with a value of up to $10,000.


To submit an entry and qualify for the 2013 Raybestos Innovation Award, the entrant must:

  • Be a TCRA member in good standing whose primary business is torque converter rebuilding. This includes businesses where torque converter rebuilding is a part of a larger company that rebuilds transmissions or is a transmission parts distributor.
  • Be registered to attend the 2014 TCRA annual meeting in Louisville, KY
  • Agree that upon submitting an entry (whether awarded a prize or not) TCRA and/or Raybestos are free to publish the details of the entry as well as recognize/ acknowledge the entrant.
  • TCRA member companies are limited to one entry.

How to Enter:

Each entry will be evaluated based on its own merits and the value it brings to the torque converter rebuilding industry. The entry must be submitted to Raybestos Powertrain prior to the February 28 deadline. Upon receipt of all entries, Raybestos Powertrain will deliver them to the TCRA Board of Directors for judging. All entries will remain anonymous during judging. Should a judging Director enter the contest, the entry will be judged by the remaining Directors only. A Director cannot judge his own submission.

The entry needs to include sufficient detail and support material to provide each Director with enough information to make a fair and accurate assessment. Once an entry is received, it will be considered complete and no further effort will be made by the Directors to request clarification or additional information. It is the intent of this award to leave entry criteria as “open” as possible to encourage submission of a variety of innovative ideas, but some examples include:

  • A solution to a specific or widespread technical or rebuilding problem
  • Modifications or re-design of common rebuilding equipment or tooling that improves quality, production or safety
  • Process-flow improvements that improve quality, production or safety
  • Inventory control or production planning improvements that improve member profitability
  • Other innovative action that contributes to greater customer satisfaction or the advancement of the torque converter rebuilding industry as a whole

2013 Raybestos Innovation Award Entry Assessment:

Each entry will be graded in 10 categories with each worth a maximum of 10 points. The highest possible score is 100 points. Grading will be conducted by each TCRA Director INDIVIDUALLY and in secret with the score results kept confidential and submitted to Raybestos Powertrain directly. Raybestos Powertrain will average the scores for each entry to determine the 2013 Raybestos Innovation Award top prize winner as well as the runners up as described below. Scoring by TCRA Directors and Raybestos Powertrain are final.

2013 Raybestos Innovation Award Prizes:

Raybestos Powertrain in partnership with TCRA will award one TOP PRIZE as well as two RUNNER UP prizes. The winners will be determined using the scoring method outlined above. Prizes will be awarded based on the following points scale:

Overall Average Points Prize
91 – 100 points $10,000
81 – 90 points $8,000
71 – 80 points $5,000
61 – 70 points $2,500
Highest Avg. at 60 points or below $1,500
1st Runner Up $500
2nd Runner Up $250

Scoring Categories:

The TCRA Board of Directors will evaluate and score each entry based on the following 10 categories. Scoring is on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest score. Scores will be submitted to Raybestos Powertrain to calculate the Overall Average Points earned by each entry.

  • Can/will the innovation benefit ALL TCRA members?
  • Can/will the innovation be applied to a wide variety of applications (or is it a specialty item)?
  • Can/will the “useful life” of this innovation extend well into the future?
  • Does the innovation improve rebuilder quality or durability?
  • Does the innovation improve performance or customer satisfaction?
  • Does the innovation improve safety or reduce equipment down-time?
  • Will the innovation increase productivity?
  • Will the innovation reduce production cost?
  • Can the innovation be implemented with minimal capital investment?
  • Rate the “innovative quality” (uniqueness) of the entry.

Please submit your Innovation Award application by sending an email to tcrainnovation@outlook.com by February 28, 2014.