April Showers Bring May Flowers

Can you name the parts of these flowers? Created by Rob Hans & his daughter Ashlyn, these flowers were made from GM 245 & 310 mm converter stators and turbine fins welded onto a piece of re-bar. Several years ago, while working at Norfolk Transmission, Rob was wondering what to do with all the extra stators he had and thought that there must be another use for them.

One day, when his daughter was visiting him at work, she said that they looked like flowers, thus came the idea for making flowers. Rob did the machine work and welding and Ashlyn primed and painted the flowers. The flowers were originally bolted stationary to the stem, and then the idea came to make them spin like pinwheels; so, a bearing was fastened to some of them to allow them to spin in the wind.

The pair named the creations “Forever Flowers” because they are forever blooming, rain or shine, summer or winter. They have sold some of the flowers for $15-$25; but they are somewhat time consuming to make, especially the spinning ones, so they have not gone into full production. Ashlyn is now preparing for college and spare time is harder to find. Rob says that making Forever Flowers may have to be a retirement project for the future.

Rob Hans
Norfok Transmission

-Found in May 2011 Newsletter