TCC Cycling -TCB9

Technical Bulletin # TCB9
Transmission: 01M
Subject: TCC Cycling
Application: Audi/VW
Issue Date: March, 2011


TCC Cycling
Some Audi and VW vehicles with the 01M/01N transaxle may have a concern of TCC cycling during normal highway operation. Make sure there are no engine, transmission, ABS or any other trouble codes present in any module. Use a capable scan tool to monitor the TCM command for lockup. If the TCM is commanding TCC to remain on steady, suspect a worn TCC boost valve and sleeve or a faulty solenoid (figure 1). These parts are available in the aftermarket.

If the TCM is commanding lockup to cycle on and off, suspect the internal solenoid harness is shorted. To verify this, unplug the transmission harness. If the ohmmeter measures resistance between pin 6 and ground (case), replace the internal harness (ribbon strip). The aftermarket is also a source for a new ribbon strip. It is recommended that the ribbon strip be replaced during every rebuild.

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March 2011