2005-06 Odyssey EX-L & Touring TCC Shudder -TCB6

Technical Bulletin # TCB6
Transmission: All
Subject: TCC Shudder
Application: 2005-06 Odyssey EX-L & Tour
Issue Date: December, 2010


TCC Shudder
An engine vibration during lockup apply may be mistaken for a TCC apply shudder on some
2005-06 Honda Odyssey models with Active Control Engine Mounts (electronic). Check to verify that
the Rear Enine Mount has not failed. There must be a minimum clearance of 0.024” (0.610mm)
between the rear engine mount’s Rubber Bumper and the Mount Bracket (figures 1). There should be
no visible distortion (bulges) seen on the rubber mount. Figure 2 shows an example of an Rear Engine
Mount that is in good condition.

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December 2010