RE5RO5A Lockup Codes After Rebuild -TCB3

Technical Bulletin # TCB3
Transmission: RE5RO5A
Subject: Lockup Codes After Rebuild
Application: Nissan/Infiniti
Issue Date: September 2010


Lockup Codes After Rebuild
Lockup codes after rebuild may occur if the wrong input shaft and pump stator assembly was used. There are two
different length input shaft and pump stator assemblies, one input shaft measures 8.250’ (figure 1) with a stator measurement
of 3.500” (figure 2) for Armada and Titans with a V8 engine. The other input shaft measures 7.375” (figure 1) with a stator
measuring 3.125” (figure 2) for all other vehicles. If the shorter assembly is used in place of the longer assembly during
rebuild; may result in a loss of lockup apply oil. There are also 4 different converter overall heights 3 with 4 bolt pads and 1
with 6 bolt pads (figure 3). Converter identification code chart shown in figure 4.

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September 2010