What IS The Correct Name?

When you are ordering torque converter parts from your supplier, it is important to be able to communicate your wants and needs to your salesperson. Frustrations run high on both sides when the purchaser asks for and receives a clutch, when his intention was to purchase a friction ring. The frustration level increases when the purchaser realizes that he/she has purchased a $30.00 part when his/her intention was to purchase a $3.00 part. Ordering large quantities of the wrong part is even worse. If the purchaser and parts supplier refer to a given part by the same name, there is no problem. Unfortunately, you can visit most converter shops and hear three or four people use different names for the same part. For this reason, some purchasers will only order parts by the part number. These communication problems are not limited to purchasers and parts suppliers; they exist between shops and even between individuals within the same shop.

So, how do we learn to speak the same language? How do we know what name to call a part? Looking back to the origin of the automatic transmission may help us understand where the confusion began. Many of the names used for the parts of the torque converter today, were derived from its predecessor.

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