Time to Change an Old Habit

Many of the early torque converter rebuilders learned the importance of paying attention to details the hard way. Machining the clutch surface on the early rear-wheel-drive Chryslers was a good example of a tough lesson. Little attention was paid at first to the perfect 90° angle that the factory had machined where the clutch surface and the side of the cover meet. Failing to pay attention to this detail would come back to haunt many of those rebuilders.

That’s because any radius that remained after the resurfacing process would nibble away at the edge of the floater clutch when it applied over this radius. Eventually rebuilders did learn to pay attention to this detail, and since they learned how to machine that perfect 90° angle the hard way, it became a standard practice that has been carried on through the years. Nowadays it is no longer necessary to have the 90° angle machined on most covers, except to ensure proper clearance, and the habit that was learned to prevent one problem is now creating another.

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Article No.: TCTIP-04-06
Author: Ed Lee
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