Taking the Fear out of Rebuilding the New G.M. Captive Clutch

The new General Motors (G.M.) Captive Clutch has four (4) spring steel straps which restrict the rotational movement of the piston. One end of each strap is riveted to the piston and the other end is riveted to the cover. (Figures 1a & 1b)

There’s a rebuilding fear factor in this setup because the rivet at the cover end of the strap passes through the cover and is very susceptible to leak if disturbed. (Figure 2)

One way to lessen the chances of a leak in this area is to avoid disturbing this rivet during the rebuild process. It is possible to rebuild the lockup clutch for this converter by only removing the rivets at the piston end of the straps.

The same tools rebuilders use to prep the edges of the impellers and covers prior to the weld process can be used to remove the rivets. The major portion of the rivet head can be removed by a hand grinder with the 4 ½” abrasive wheel. The final portion of material can be removed with the angle air grinder with a 2″ abrasive disk. (Figure 3)

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