Myth Busters, part 1

Part 1 in a four-part series on torque converter modifications

When the original equipment manufacturers create their driveline packages, they have many issues to consider, such as fuel economy, performance and durability. In the torque converter rebuilding industry, many companies will make modifications to enhance the OEM torque converter for a specific vehicle combination. Some modifications are done to create better acceleration and others are done to improve towing capabilities and fuel economy. However, when modifications are aimed toward specific applications, their use is somewhat limited. There are also some definite trade-offs to consider when modifying a converter: for example, increased operating temperature or loss of fuel economy.

The torque converter industry is full of very creative individuals who have come up with a large number of modifications. For the sake of this article, in order to determine which modifications create what results, we have picked four popular modifications for side-by-side, applesto- apples evaluations. These evaluations were done to analyze some of the trade-offs.

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Article No.: TCTIP-05-07
Author: Ed Lee
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