Mystery PO741 Code

A 2003 F350 4X4 was brought to a transmission shop in Eugene, Oregon. The customer complaint was an intermittent P0741 code. The code did not seem to occur when the vehicle was driven locally, but happened every time the vehicle was taken on a longer trip. The customer also noticed that the code would set whenever any additional load was placed on the vehicle. The additional loads included traveling in hilly terrain or pulling a trailer. The vehicle’s transmission had been rebuilt at the same transmission shop about a year earlier and a rebuilt torque converter had been installed at that time. During the transmission rebuild procedure a few mild performance enhancing modifications were added, but other than that, it was a basic overhaul. The customer said that the lock-up worked fine for about 300 miles, but then complained that the lock-up was too soft. The soft lock-up feel continued until the present P0741 code issue. A scan check did not find any additional codes and a road test with the scanner showed that there was sufficient TCC slip to set the code. All of the routine “in vehicle” checks were performed and the cause of the problem was believed to be the converter.

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Article No.: TCTIP-02-09
Author: Ed Lee
Total Pages: 4

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