More Centerline Issues

Maintaining the proper centerline during the torque converter rebuild process is very important. How well the centerline was maintained during the process can be measured by how much balance weight needs to be added at the end of the process. The original equipment manufacturers (O.E.M.s) do a good job of maintaining the centerline when they build the torque converter. If the converter is properly indexed, the aftermarket rebuild should require about the same amount of weight to rebalance. If the converter requires significantly more weight to rebalance, the rebuild process should be inspected for centerline issues. Balancing basics tell you that you are adding weight on one side of the converter to offset a heavy spot on the opposite side of the converter. If you haven’t added any weight to the converter, where did the heavy spot come from? The answer is that you are compensating for weight that was removed from the converter during a machining process or you are compensating for an off center condition. The centerline issues that affect the balance process may start as early as the parting procedure. When a converter is not piloted properly while being cut open, more metal must be removed from one side of the cover or impeller to separate the unit.

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