Mercedes 722.6: Cold Stall/TCC Shudder Part I

For several years, technicians have been trying to solve the mysterious cold stall issue in vehicles equipped with Mercedes 722.6 transmissions. When the problem was first identified, it was thought to be associated with aftermarket components. At that time, no one had seen the problem in a vehicle that still had only original equipment. For that reason, most early efforts to solve this cold stall problem were focused on the replacement friction material that was used in the rebuild process. Every conceivable kind of friction material with both smooth and grooved surfaces was tried, and most had some limited successes. Rebuilders would use the friction material that seemed to work the best for them, but no material proved to be fool proof.

As things turned out, the aftermarket was not alone in the struggle. The OEM friction material choice evolved during this same period, and even for them, nothing proved 100% successful. When technicians started seeing vehicles with nothing but original equipment experiencing the same cold stall condition, they turned their focus toward wear issues.

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Article No.: TCTIP-05-10
Author: Ed Lee
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