Identifying those GM 300mm dampe

The 300mm converter has become very popular in GM units. First used in the Corvette and F-model vehicles (Fire b i rds and Camaro s ) , today it is also used in most trucks, vans, and SUVs. The converter is also manufactured in a 280mm version (VJCX, for example).

When the 300mm converters we re used only in the Corvettes and Fcars, they had a “graphite type” non-slip clutch lining (see Figure 1). This lining was porous in nature and helped the TCC engagement feel. When the clutch apply strategy evolved to the ECCC strategy, the lining was upgraded to woven carbon (see Figure 2). The graphite type lining was never used in 300mm converters in truck applications. In the truck applications, the lining started off as woven carbon and that lining is still what’s used today.

The springs used in the dampers may be a bit confusing because the dampers can have as many as 12 springs or as few as four. When the 300mm style converters were first introduced, they had two possible dampers available. The damper used in V8 applications had a 6-pocket design and a full set of 12 springs, six inner and six outer (see Figure 3). The damper used for V6 applications was a 4-pocket design and used eight springs, four inner and four outer.

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