Identifying the 722.6 converters

Mercedes has used the 722.6 transmission in a number of different vehicles and in combination with different engines. To accommodate these different vehicle and engine combinations, different converters were needed. Many of the converters were similar in appearance and only differed in their bolt circle or diameter.

This could be especially problematic if a converter wasted out and a replacement core had to be found. It was not uncommon to try to line up the converter bolt holes to the flywheel and find that the bolt circle was one-quarter-inch off. Even worse was when the pilot, bolt circle and overall height matched up, but you had a performance issue because the replacement converter was almost an inch different in diameter. The latest Dacco catalog does a good job of identifying these converters. In 2004 Daimler-Chrysler Corp. started using the 722.6 transmission in the Chrysler 300. By 2007 there will be 11 part numbers to cover the range of Chrysler 722.6 converters.

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