Getting your cores back

When torque converters first transitioned from the early bolt-together units to the welded/sealed units of the present day, transmission shops were faced with a new challenge. Most customers weren’t willing to pay for a new OEM converter on top of the cost of a transmission overhaul. The only alternative available at that time – reusing the customer’s original converter – seldom saved the customer or the transmission shop any money. More often than not, reusing the original converter created new problems when contamination from the original failure entered the newly overhauled transmission. The need for a lower cost replacement led to the birth of the torque converter rebuilding industry. This new industry relied on a good supply of rebuildable cores to meet the needs of its customers. In the early days of the rebuilding industry, cores were plentiful. Over time, the demand for rebuildable cores grew faster than the supply and prices increased as availability decreased. Torque converter rebuilders understood the value of tracking and retrieving their customers’ original cores, but few shops had an efficient way to do this.

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Article No.: TCTIP-06-06
Author: Ed Lee
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