Changing converter designs change your approach

The 10” front-wheel-drive Chrysler converter used in the 604 and 606 (41TE & 42LE) transmissions has undergone some changes in recent years. From the outside you can see that the smooth surface of the impeller found on the earlier models now has dimples.

The welded-in spring retainer on the early models has been replaced by a riveted-in spring retainer. The turbine is no longer a factor in keeping the springs in place. The springs are also not serviceable on the newer model without removing the rivets from the retainer. Rebuilders will like not having to worry about a spring falling out during the rebuild process, and now clutch release clearance is less critical.

But there’s one thing rebuilders are not going to like about this new unit. The hardness of the piston prevents the piston from being machined by conventional methods. The piston is about 65 RC. Keep in mind that a bearing race is about 60 RC. It is impossible to machine the piston smooth enough for a reaction surface with the best grade of carbide tool bit. The best finish that is achievable with a carbide tool bit is only marginally good enough for a bonding surface.

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Article No.: TCTIP-11-06
Author: Ed Lee
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