Allison 1000 Converters The Next Generation

The Allison 1000 converter has evolved considerably throughout its existence. By the end of the 2007 model year there had been five (5) different generations of this converter. The chart in Figure 1 lists the part name, stall torque ratio, part number and color ID code for the first five generations of this converter (Transmission Digest article, November 2007).

The sixth generation of Allison 1000 converters was introduced at the beginning of the 2008 model year. There are still four basic configurations of this converter (TC-210, TC-211, TC-221, and TC-222). Each configuration has a different stall torque ratio and “K” factor.

The outward appearance of the sixth generation is the same as the fifth generation, and they also use the same four part numbers and ID colors on the bar code label. This is unique because anytime a revision was made to the converter in the first five generations, a new part number was assigned.

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Author: Ed Lee
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