Replace those Honda stator bearings with something more readily available

Many late-model Honda converters have unique stator bearings. The caged roller part of the bearing is like the bearing used in the Jatco RE4R01A converters. This part of the bearing is not unique. The outboard races of the stator bearings also are not unique. The impeller side bearing runs against the flanged impeller hub, and the turbine side bearing runs against the turbine hub. It is the bearing races on either side of the stator that are unique (see Figure 1).

The .080” thick races have four tabs that keep them from rotating and four slots for oil flow. The inside diameter also has a .035” lip to keep the caged roller part of the bearing centered. The impeller side and turbine side bearing race look the same, but perform different functions. The race on the impeller side does the traditional job of carrying thrust loads during acceleration. The race on the turbine side, on the other hand, has to do double duty. One duty of the turbine bearing race is to carry thrust loads during deceleration. The second duty is to retain the one-way clutch in the stator assembly. The 4-tab race sits on top of the aluminum stator cap and is held in place by a retaining ring (see Figure 2).

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