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I have a CD4E Converter marked 3L8P-BB no grove, DACCO number F-70. Will It interchange with early converters?

Answer: The Dacco F70 and F71 technically do not interchange, but in the real world of being practical they interchange and work fine. online question:

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I am needing info on a converter from a 2004 pontiac GTO 5. 7l engine, conv code TWBX. I have two converter cores from this vehicle & both have been rebuilt before. The converters have different stall im- pellers, (one low stall & one medium stall) & two different stators, (#24206449 & 24226268. This is the first one of these I have seen, so I need to know what impeller & stator combination is original for this code. I am thinking the medium stall pump & the 24226268, 14 fin stator is the correct combination. Answer:

Answer: The WB code is a low stall impeller with a 14 blade stator

– Found in April 2010 Newsletter