Saving a late model core

Tech Tip: Saving a late model core

There are so many new converters out of late model cars and trucks that have no edge left after you cut the core open. If you try to put a ring saver on it then you have a bulky weld that sticks out too far and the weld rubs on the case.

We do a bowl build up with our auto welder, which also works on impellers that have not been furnace brazed. If you set your voltage at 14.5, your wire feed between 120 to 130, table speed at 12 to 14 and angle your tip about 20 percent, you can add nearly 1/8 of an inch of material per round. This makes your converter look so much better, and you do not have to turn the OD down. This also works well for building up pilots.

Mark Mustard
Branting Industries

– FoundĀ in March 2010 Newsletter