62TE Damper Cleaning Part 2

After disassembly of one of our 41TE converters, photos and documentation were provided from AeroMotive Research for me to review. They uncovered nearly 12 grams excess metal that was removed from our converter, a nearly unimaginable act. After all, we thoroughly cleaned this converter before assembly.

Nevertheless, facts were facts; the debris came from our converter. After close examination we discovered the debris was trapped under the spring retainer. This metal contamination could be overlooked and left to circulate throughout the transmission assembly. Please observe the photos and draw your own conclusion. Is it worth an extra 5 minutes to clean the damper properly?

Dennis Sneath
Midwest Converters, Inc.

At times, reassembly can be difficult and frustrating. For further info on reassembly, please reference Transmission Digest’s article 9-07.

– Found  in March 2010 Newsletter