Tech Tip: Managing parts with two hand

Have you ever had the battle with a snap ring on a stator and lost? Holding the stator in one hand you attempt to manipulate the snap ring out with a screwdriver or a pick only to slip and impale yourself. Of course the parts, your hand and the tool now lodged between your thumb and forefinger are clean and pose no risk of infection and of course the “Next Time” you will come up with a better plan. If you have been in the business for any length of time you probably have the solution lying around the shop. Find an old lathe chuck. One that maybe is just a little too worn out to hold the tolerance you expect. If the chuck is large enough it can sit on any work bench and become an instant fixture to hold that stator. This may seem like a little overkill until you get in the habit of having both hands free to fight the battle but this is now a battle you will win.

Jeff Stuck
Certified Transmission

– Found in January 2010 Newsletter