Tech Tip: Torque Converter Assembly

Tech Tip: Torque Converter Assembly

Did you ever have a customer call on a Friday afternoon and complain that your converter would not fit on his transmission? We had this issue years ago and developed a procedure to eliminate the problem.

Even though our balancing machines are splined shafts we caught many spline problems in the preliminary assembly process. We designed an assembly fixture consisting of a simulated transmission shaft and O-ringed collar sleeve for the torque converter hub to simulate the pump bushing (Photo A). With very little ease you can assemble the torque converter on the fixture. All of our torque converter hubs are roller burnished, and that helps in the consistency of the hub sizing. Once you have the fixture the shaft is threaded on the end, and this will enable you to secure the fixture to the bench top (Photo B).

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

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Now you are ready for assembly. Checking your pump assembly and hub finish you can now push your pump assembly down onto the O-ringed collar without damaging your finish (Photo C). Next you can assemble the stator and bearing onto the spline shaft (Photo D). This is a good way to hold the shaft with one hand and turn the stator to feel it lock in one direction and to make sure there is no interference with the pump.

Photo E

Next, install the turbine onto the shaft (Photo E). Now we can spin the turbine with the pump body stationary and check for interference or excessive run out and this is where you check a lot of stator washers and or caps for trueness. You can also check to see if your cut open person may have dented in the side of the pump body. We have all had this problem since a lot of the newer turbines run very close to the inside of the pump body.

At this point we like to pull the converter off the fixture to check the deck height, check clutch release clearance, and then all you have to do is set the cover on and check overall height. You are then ready for the seam weld. When you do get that late afternoon call you can guarantee that the turbine spline, sprag spline, and hub should fit onto that transmission.

Rick Morris
Professional Transmission & Converter Corp.

– FoundĀ  in December 2009 Newsletter