November Mystery Converter Identified!

December 2009 Update:

The converter would have been seen in the USA in the 1300cc Austin America. The transmission was a four speed unit that had a common oil source with the engine. Engine sizes ranged from 850ccc through to the 1275cc.

In the 1970s, the converter would have been referred to as a British Leyland Mini, or Austin Mini.

Congratulations to both Peter Cifuentes of the Converter Man, Ltd., and Mark Burrell of JP Automatic Transmission, Ltd, for correctly identifying last month’s mystery converter.

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Once again we bring you a mystery converter! As a reminder, the first member to correctly identify the mystery converter wins a TCRA T-shirt. You can submit your answers to or contact any board member.

We also encourage winners to participate in posting their photos in upcoming editions of the newsletter and online.

For this month’s mystery converter, we have the following specifications:

Hub Diameter at the seal surface


Shaft Diameter
(small end of taper)


Bolt Circle Diameter

– Found in November 2009 Newsletter