A Word From The President

As we ring out the old and bring in the new, I would like to wish all of our members Happy Holidays and a healthy and prosperous New Year from all of us at TCRA. 2009 obviously created challenges for many of us. Due to the economic situation of 2009, each and everyone one of us was forced to evaluate our businesses and, I am sure, make some tough decisions. As I have watched the events of the past year unfold I have been impressed with the stability of our membership. Through it all our numbers have remained stable and continue to include the most successful organizations in the industry. Although I cannot predict the continued impact of some of the challenges we may face in 2010, such as Health Care, the different Stimulus Packages, the Wars Abroad and Cash for Clunkers, I am confident the resiliency of the members of this organization will prevail.

On another note I would like to update you on Ken Cluck. As many of you know Ken has been battling an undiagnosed illness for some time now. After becoming gravely ill and spending some time at the Mayo Clinic Ken is back at home. Although doctors still have not diagnosed his illness they have provided him medication that helps him feel OK. He is comfortable at home and enjoying his family for the holidays, but by no means is out of the woods. He will continue to face medical and financial challenges in the upcoming year. He hopes that he won’t have to go back ‘on the road’ for more diagnosis or subsequent treatment, but he is ready to do so if necessary. Please remember Ken and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this season. Many of you have generously supported them through donations to the “Ken Cluck Support Fund”. Thank you for that. If you haven’t had that opportunity yet, you may still do so at this link or you may send checks to

The Ken Cluck Support Fund
PO Box 1011
Manchester Center, VT 05255-1011

Happy Holidays,
Jeff Stuck

– Found in December 2009 Newsletter