Tech tip: Shim for consistent clutch clearance


When building the ZF5HP24, Ed Lee has devised a great way to build these units by using six .010” shims. And I mean all six of them at the same time. If you don’t, your piston will not end up with a .010” clutch clearance. One side may have only .005” or worse. And guess what you just built? A chatter into your customer converter.

When inserting the shim stock, make sure it is not placed under a spring or interfering with other adding a new clutch, O-ring and seal is to use a torque wrench to check for consistency after the piston is welded. This helps to check how many inch pounds it takes to move the clutch. We hope this tip is helpful.

Mark Mustard
Branting Industries

– Found in August 2009 Newsletter