Tech tip: Have you taken time to visit the web?

This month’s tech tip is a little different; as I am not a “hands on” converter rebuilder I can probably learn more than I can give when it comes to technical converter matters. However I would like to bring your attention to possibly the best tech tip of all. The Website. The TCRA website is a resource that has a huge amount of information that is available to you as a member. Just imagine that you have a converter that you are not familiar with, maybe you need to know the stack height or a particular issue to watch for. As a TCRA member you can log in to the members only area of the website and the chances are that the information you require is there. Of course this information did not actually get there by magic, a fellow member who took the time to help you and others supplied it. I think this is an important aspect of a site such as this; it is a cooperative site where information is shared amongst the members.

Access to the technical area of the site is simple, just go to and using your user name and password log into the members only area. Click on “Tech Info” and choose the make and then the model of your converter. A page will open with the basic information about that converter. Underneath the page there may be a link to related articles on that converter.

As I mentioned before the site is a cooperative site so if there is any information that you have that is not on the site we and the other members would appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Also if there is information that you think is incorrect, just drop an e-mail to with the relevant details.

The website is only one of the advantages that is available to you as a member, another major resource is the mailing group. The mailing group works like this; you have an issue or need some information that is not available on the web site. Just drop an email to and the message will go out to all the members of TCRA. Another member may have the information that you need and will reply, this can save you hours of work and even more important it may save you a comeback. This forum is also a great place to ask questions or alert other members to a potential issue with a particular model unit.

So there it is, the website and email group are a great asset to you and I think that the tech tip this month is to use it!

Martin Brooks
Aceomatic Transmission Services, Ltd.

– Found in September 2009 Newsletter