Chryslers new 62TE, Taking a careful look.

Chrysler’s 62TE transmission is one of the newest members of the Chrysler transmission family produced at the Kokomo transmission facility in Kokomo, Indiana. It is found in many new Chrysler vehicles such as these applications: 2007-2008 Chrysler Pacifica; 2007-present Chrysler Sebring; 2008-present Dodge Avenger; 2008-present Chrysler Town and Country, 2008-present Dodge Grand Caravan; 2009-present Volkswagen Routan; and 2009-present Dodge Journey.

The 62TE is a six speed transaxle designed from an aging 41TE format and incorporating many of the same parts. This aided in the 3-year design to production timetable that is an amazing feat to accomplish. The 62TE features a fifth gear ratio of 1.00:1.00 while utilizing a 0.690:1.00 sixth gear. This transmission has an amazing low first gear for power and speedy stop light acceleration.

The torque converter is an improved design over the previous Chrysler 604 designs. It still has the same plastic thrust washer and embossed type friction liner, front cover and impeller. The stator has been reduced in thickness and the impeller hub has been reduced in length to 1.500” to accommodate the redesigned Pacifica’s engine compartment. The clutch damper has been designed with an enclosed type spring pocket that will be a great place for debris to deposit. Most tooling for rebuilding will remain the same. The roller bearings on both sides of the stator have been slightly changed.

This is about all the good news pertaining to the 62TE. The bad news is this is a very “busy” transmission and had several driving / torque converter issues. Some of the issues are: One, transmission shudder, a common issue with Chrysler converters; Two, torque converter shudder or bump. It may disappear after torque converter clutch application and EMCC initialization; Three, gear ratio error. This can be an intermittent condition that is hard to duplicate. Be sure to investigate thoroughly before attempting removal; Four, decel coast down stumble often referred to as DCS. This is an issue with programming and no internal repair should be required. Be sure to install the latest software first.

Under almost all these conditions replacement of the torque converter and reprogramming the PCM is required. DO NOT USE any friction modifiers in the ATF. Use only the Chrysler type ATF+4 fluids. This is a must! You can cause more complaints than you repair by not following the OEM specs here. If torque converter replacement is required the OEM part number is 68003520AB for both the 3.5L and the 4.0L.

Dennis Sneath
Midwest Converters, Inc., Rockford, Illinois

– Found in March 2009 Newsletter