help with a old one

02/15/2008, TCRA Email Forum

Would anyone no somebody that is capable of rebuilding a old M41 or maybe called Clutch Flight.

Mark Mustard

Do you mean “clutchflite” if so try a Google search on that. There appears
to be some information on them there.

Does it have a small bolt circle on the front cover recessed w/ 6 or 8 studs?


Mark, what is this converter out of and what are the stamped letters or numbers on the cover? Post an impeller and cover photo. What is the bolt circle and does this unit have a ring gear and what is the number of teeth?

Don Randolph

It has 8 studs will get more info asap.


we made a fixture by welding 2.5″ washer to a standoff onto gm front cover, machine to i d to locate and bore stud holes. You are wecome to borrow it if needed.

Dacco Inc.