GM I.D. sticker code

01/31/2008, TCRA Email Forum

I like to know if some one have a nice I.D. chart for most popular code sticker from GM.

I have here a Gm torque core with TMBV code on it, some one know the application of this torque ?

Serge Martin

Hi Serge

On the web site at there is a
GM code list. If what you require is not there someone else may be able to
help you.


I do believe that code TMBV is for the 2005 I year only C6 Corvette. I
haven’t seen it come out of anything else. The last letter means the small
bolt pattern

Hope that helpsJoe Rivera

Yes, Joe you are correct. The “V” code designates bolt pattern for the C6 corvette. The new 6L80 has a JMBV code, same bolt pattern. The “J” code then represent the 6L80 family.

Circle D Specialties

Be careful with the JMBV code. This converter has a larger diameter hub than the TMBV from the 2005 year and earlier. It is easy to miss.

Don Randolph

Joe and Don are right. This converter is the Corvette converter for 2005
on, also Don is correct the hubs are larger and the codes should be
carefully checked. We have already run into this problem.

Craig Brock

DuraBuilt Converters

I have seen a copy of the new Dacco catalog and I can tell you that it is spectacular and it has many of these listings.