F68-3 tab converter 4F50N

February 25, 2008, TCRA Email Forum

we have recently run into a number of 03-04 taurus vehicles with stripped pump drive splines. the converter is a f68 type with 3 tabs on turbine. trans is 4f50n. has anyone else seen a pattern with these? we also just did a batch of these same units and even the ones with good looking slines seemed to have some small imperfections/guoges in the spline area. i feel these may be of inferior quality and have decided to replace all of these with updated splines.

Jim Currier

Jim, you are not seeing an unusual event in this unit. Most of these units will have damaged or stripped splines. My advice is to purchase a quantity of these from your supplier and build a fixture for correct centering of the new spline.

Remember, The converter with the 3F1P code is current and is used with the 3.0L engine. The code 3F2P is a one year converter that is used with the 3.9L & 4.2L engine with heavier vehicles. In 2005 the 5F2P takes the place of this unit and has a lower stall speed. Watch that.

Don Randolph

Also look at your cut open lathe, the shaft used to hold the converter
could be doing the damage.



Check out this page on the website. Look at pages 7-9. This was
from my presentation from the 2006 ATRA Expo.

I hope this helps
https://www.tcraonline.com/images/PDF/2006_1006_ATRA_seminar.pdfJoe Rivera


This part may help prevent re-occurrences of stripped splines.
We designed a replacement part with splines that are 30% longer
than OE.


Keith Graves