Low Stall Converters

09/04/2008, TCRA Email Forum

Hi can anybody tell me what the result would be if you were to machine the stator blades off the impellor side of the stator. We have replaced a 3 ltr turbo diesel in a GU Nissan Patrol with a 6.5Ltr diesel. Using the standard converter we get a stall of about 2500RPm and want to get it down to about 17ooRPM. My thought was if I machine the impellor side of the stator I can stop the stator from multiplying as much, hence lowering the stall. Would there be any other side effects?

Thanks luca fogliadini



if you machine down the impeller or primary pump side of the stator, you would in fact open the window area of the stator, and that would in turn lower the stall,exactly how much lower is more of a trial and error thing. Good luck

Peter Cifuentes Converter Man Limited

Also keep in mind that when you do that. You cut the torque multiplication down. If you mill the stator (Each individual blade)you might get a better result by opening the window without cutting down the torque multiplication down as much. The down side to any time you cut the torque multiplication ….is you transfer less power. Each application is different. What I have found is that the gear ratio is important as well. If you go too low it will feel like a “dog” out of the hole You can also play with the bladed closest to the inner diameter and bent them closer to the stator. As well as decrease your impeller to turbine clearance In your application like Peter said ….trial and error

Joe Rivera

If you machine the pump side of the stator this will also kill the torque. Mark Mustard