Late 604 converters

08/20/2008, TCRA Email Forum

I am seeking more info on the late 604 converters with grooved linings.
What year did they come out, 2002 or 2003, or some where in between?
Will the linings interchange between transmission applications?
Are the transmissions different, or are the vehicle ECM controls different?
Any info is much appreciated.

Rob Hans


There is a limited amount of information on the late model 604
converters in the November 06 and September 07 Transmission Digest.
Sorry I can’t help with the transmission end.
Ed Lee

hi rob
i believe these came out in 04 as that is where i am finding them in our shop. i have not found any info on interchangability yet. at this time we put back in what is coming out. i would think some type of tcm issues for the grooved lining????
                                 jim currier