ZF5HP19FLA has bent tabs

The converter clutch for a ZF5HP19FLA has bent tabs, and I’m having trouble finding a replacement.

This specific case had bent tabs (teeth angled around 45 degrees) in the 5HP, which a few members had only encounter in the 6HP. If you’re unable to find a replacement liner, there are a few options that have worked well for our members.

First, you’ll want to remove the existing material. You can try machining or grinding off the material, which will take less time than soaking the clutch; however, soaking the clutch, even though it takes longer, usually works much cleaner. You may try a chemical dip, such as a heated Potassium Hydroxide solution.

Next, you may try using a high carbon paper liner without grooves. Just make sure you are carefule about the clutch release clearance.
One replacement you’ll want to avoid is taking a plate with flat tabs and bending them to fit. There is a slight variation in the tooth length which will cause problems.

– Found in October 2008 Newsletter