Professional Transmission and Torque Converter Corp.

Professional Transmission & Converter started business in 1982 in Frankfort, New York with five work bays and a 2800 square feet building. The owners, Joe Giannotti and Rick Morris, dedicated all their time to operating and growing the transmission business, and within a short time they had hired their first employee. A quality product and personal customer service was the driving force that allowed the business to develop rapidly over the next few years. Joe and Rick quickly outgrew their original 2800 sq.ft. of working space and additions to the building were added in 1984, 1989, and 2001 which brought the shop to 15,000 square feet and 20 employees. During this time, they realized a need for top quality rebuilt torque converters. Joe and Rick began a converter rebuilding unit within their shop which Rick managed and worked hands on while Joe continued with the transmission service. At first they only rebuilt converters for their own shop use in tranmission rebuilds, but excellent results quickly expanded the operation to selling rebuilt torque converters to other shops. A quality product backed by a knowledgable staff prompted customer demand for their rebuilt torque converters leading Joe and Rick to add a sales and delivery truck into service for New York state. The first few years sales rapidly increased and for additional customer support, a warehouse and sales delivery staff was added in Southbridge Massachuetts. Professional Transmission and Torque Converter Corp. now serves customers throughout the northeast including New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachuetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.