TCRA introduces monthly article contest

For this monthly contest to be successful we need participation. We are looking for all areas of rebuilding, short stories, long stories, photographs…there’s not a long list of criteria to meet. If you have a quick fix to a problamatic converter or would like to share a rebuilding technique, send it to the TCRA email at We are excited to report on new ideas and give credit to those who work daily on bettering their techniques and practices. We’d love to be an organization of best practices, and create a forum to share those with the people and businesses who matter to our organization. Submit your ideas today!!

TCRA’s first contest winner, Peter Cifuentes, proudly wears his new TCRA T-shirt, compliments of the TCRA for correctly answering a tech question posted in the newsletter. Look in next month’s edition for another winner!

– Found in September 2008 Newsletter