Relocating weights solves problem

Relocating weights solves Jeep problem.

With inquiring minds curious about a common occurrence plaguing a large automotive branch, staff members decided to investigate further into a hard to diagnose, yet reoccurring, automobile problem.

For rebuilder’s, the problem became apparent after Jeep brand vehicles were rebuilt with a torque converter replacement. Commonly noticed, the finished product created a rough idle, poor performance, misfires, and even below-average drivability.

While a majority of the Jeeps were given numerous exams, engine inspections done at various dealerships provoked minimal explanations. Timing sensors located on the transmission case above the torque converter were commonly replaced to hopefully resolve the problem. When the replacement of sensors did not resolve the rough performance of the Jeep brand automobiles, shop owners, rebuilders, and other shop mechanics knew the industry had a problem to pinpoint and solve.

In an effort to obtain some insight, the staff of the TCRA newsletter contacted Jeep dealerships in the area only to find out this common problem had only occurred once, but for the dealership, once was one too many. Vince, the service writer we spoke to, claims he nearly lost a loyal customer over the problem, and he also says he will have a problem dismissing it from his memory.

Although Vince honestly reported that the dealership never diagnosed the problem, he referred us to Eric at Arrow Transmission in Chicago, who had fallen victim to the problem himself. Eric determined the timing sensor, which senses interruptions in the exciter ring (as he called it) was picking up false triggered signals from the balance weights directly below the exciter ring. He concluded the weights must be relocated forward more than normal to prevent the problem.

With the mystery solved, staff members returned to their computers with the information they needed to report on this commonly inquired about problem.


Thank-you for relaying the problem of the disgruntle Jeep performance to the staff at the TCRA newsletter. We would like to thank experts at Jeep and Arrow Transmission, and staffers who made the solution known for rebuilders and car owners alike.

Found in issue 02, 2003