Honda Converter Clutch Failure

By now, many shops have seen problems with the late-model Honda converter clutch failures. There are several causes for these failures but one sure way to make sure it doesn’t come back is to make sure that your customer uses Honda fluid and the Updated Green O-ring from Honda with part number 91302PGK003. See Honda TSB above.

According to our sources This new updated Green O-ring is .110” larger in diameter . The original Black 0-ring is 1.440 and the green o-ring is 1.550. There are several different drive hubs with 36, 38, and 39 teeth. The OD of the hub for these drive hubs range from 1.520 to 1.575. So this part # will actually fit most Hondas and can be used in many applications.

Try this combination the next time this failure occurs. You should find it to be a winning combination.

Joe Rivera

– Found in September 2008 Newsletter