ZF5HP19FLA Clutch has Bent Tabs

09/08/200, TCRA Email Forum

hello, we have a 03 vw with a zf5hp19fla transmission in the shop today. the clutch in the converter looks very similar to others we have done that were flat. this clutch has bent tabs on the outside and the lining is grooved like some ford applications. im not having any luck finding a replacement. anyone have any suggestions? and has anyone tried bonding a solid clutch lining in place of the grooved friction that is on this plate.

thanks jim currier

Hello Jim, I don’t think we’ve seen bent tabs on the 5hp series – only on 6hp – doesn’t seem anyone is doing them yet. I think Sonnax are looking at them. We are rebonding these frictions – use closet friction ring available and trim to size on both sides. NB we are soaking the plate to get the old friction off – a lot easier than trying to machine / grind off – but takes a bit longer. I think Sonnax and Tri do grooved frictions for 5hp (without bent tabs) but before they did we refitted solid (no groove) on a couple and had no comebacks. Have never done this on 6hp – maybe more sensitive? Can you let me know the transmission code and converter ink stamp so we can look out for this converter / friction. Regards, Bruce Palmer.

Jim, I believe we stock the item you’re looking for under Sonnax #FS-CP-2, 24 tab clutch plate with a grooved lining bonded to either side. I’ll send you over a copy of our product announcement for confirmation.

Thanks, Keith Graves Sonnax

So far I don’t think anyone is building them.

Mark Mustard

We just reline them like mentioned. We have made grooves in some but not all. We did not get any complaints on either.

Circle D Specialties

thanks to all for the quick response and information. very much appreciated. this forum is the best there is. i am going to rebond with solid carbon and will let you know the results in a few weeks. , here is more info car is 03 vw w8 4 motion engine is 4.0 trans has 5hp-19 gak converter has ink stamps x056 38 22

Bruce Palmer

Jim, We have been rebuilding these for a while and I have actually written a few articles about these. They are up on the TCRA website. We are having better success with the carbon paper….without grooves. As a matter of fact I just helped out the guy at D&P Products a converter rebuilder in Ca and a TCRA member. His customer had contacted me to build the converter and instead I talked with is builder and recommended the high carbon paper with no grooves….worked like a champ BUT Be careful about your clutch release clearances

Joe Rivera

Thanks for the info Jim, Can you just clarify – when you say – bent tabs – do you mean the teeth on the outside of the friction are not flat. Ie – if you lie the friction plate flat on the bench the teeth will be pointing into the air at about a 45 degree angle. Or do you mean bent tab – as in that is how the piston and friction are held into the cover, on the central hub,(rather than welded.) We have seen the 45 degree angle teeth in the 6hp, both solid and grooved. (There is also a 6hp smaller diameter converter with a clutch pack – the same principle as the Merc 722-6, with 2 smaller diameter, internal teeth frictions.) But we have never seen either of these in 5hp.

Regards, Bruce Palmer.

hi bruce, the 24 teeth on the od are not flat like most of these i have seen. if i lay the plate flat on a bench, the teeth point up at about a 45 degree angle. we considered taking a flat one that is available and bending the teeth, but the flat ones have slightly shorter tooth length so we will bond the original plate. thanks again for your help,

jim currier

We have seen the tabs bent as Jim describes in 5HP I will try and find actual models. Martin Brooks Gday, just wanted to know what the best chemical to use to dip clutch plates into to remove the material

luca fogliandini

We use a Potassium Hydroxide solution from a local chemical company. It is best used heated – we have it in a tank – but will work cold – just a bit slower. Also correction from early statement – we have seen the bent tab frictions in several Audi 5hp24A converters, as well as 6hp, but still not 5hp19fl, so would be interested in the codes for these other converters that have been seen.

Bruce Palmer.