Welding Tech Tip : Metal Core Wire



We recently started welding hubs with metal core wire. What is metal core wire? It’s a tubular wire with a powdered metal inside. What’s the difference you ask? One, virtually no spatter. Two, faster weld speed. Three, better run out due to less heat affected zone. Four, less gas usage due to faster weld speed. Five, less cost due to less time spent welding. Six, very nice appearing weld. On our machine we are using the following settings wire speed: 250 voltage: 23.0 and table speed : 32 and not pulse mode to weld we are still experimenting with machine settings so don’t take these numbers as gospel. One other reason we like the metal core wire is if you haveImage a pin hole you can see it and repair it immediately before assembly.

Justin Kill & The crew at Branting Ind

– Found in August 2008 Newsletter