Good reason to belong to the TCRA

This is one good reason to belong to the TCRA

Image Last month a customer called and was hoping that I could help him. The customer is the manufacturer of Tucker Snow Cat Machines. Cat, located in Medford, Oregon, has been in business since 1946 and our company has done work for them to develop torque converters to work with the engine package that they chose for their machines. The stock applications didn’t perform well in the higher altitude that some of the machines are used in. The call was about was a customer of Tucker’s needing a stall change and Dan Dressler from Tucker was hoping that I could help to find a repair shop in the Denver, Colorado area that could remove the torque converter and then ship it to our shop for the stall change. I explained to Dan that I thought that I could do better than that. I told him that our shop is a member of TCRA and there was a shop in the Denver area that could help with the whole job. I contacted Mark Mustard of Branting Industries. As I hoped Mark was very helpful. He knew of two shops that could do the removal and I was able to help Mark with some recommendations for the stall change. In the end it all worked out very good for the owner of the snow cat, Pikes Peak Search and Rescue and. Dan Dressler with Tucker Snow Cat were very happy with how easy it was to make the change. With the other option to be sending the torque converter back to Oregon making the change and sending it back. It would have taken at least a week to ten days for him to get it back. Instead it only took two days to get the whole job done.

Ken Cluck
Board Member TCRA

– Found in March 2008 Newsletter