Making a better quality converter

Making a better quality converter One of the most important words to remember when building a torque converter is cleanliness. A converter is like a magnet for dirt, debris and metal contaminantes. Total disassembly of the stator, clutch damper assembly and thorough inspection of the turbine and impeller must be practiced daily. Do not let cost due to increased labor influence your decision. More debris is lost inside these components than believed. Particals as small as ten micron can distroy a rebuilt transmission and/or converter. By removing all springs and retainers from the clutch damper assemblies allows thorough cleaning and inspection of worn or damaged parts. These are otherwise overlooked. These steps make the difference between average converters and quality rebuilds and demand a better price. Customer satisfaction will increase along with higher profits.

Dennis Sneath
Midwest Converters, Rockford, ILDo

– FoundĀ in January 2008 Newsletter