TCRA Welcomes Cottingham Engineering

TCRA Welcome New Member Cottingham Engineering

Many thanks for the information supplied , we have now jioned the TCRA and look forawrd to working with you .It will obviuosly take me some time to look througth the information on your website and i'm sure i will find many items of interest to us.

Just a brief background on us, we are based as you know in the UK. Original we were an engineering machine shop based at our sister company Midland Automatic Transmissions . A discision was taken in 2005 to rebiuld converters in house , the equipment was purchased and we have been on a steep learning curve since then . We now rebiuld around 60 to 70 converters a week  including to a major car manufacturer in Europe and also a major European Transmission rebiulder  With help from the TCRA we hope to increase the range and quantity of of converters we rebiuld .

Thanks for your help

Regards Phil

Cottingham Engineering