Apply for a position in TCRA

Apply for a position in TCRA

The new year is approaching, so why not make your New Year’s Resolution a bit early. The TCRA is looking for new insight and new members to open the lines of communication between rebuilders and industry representatives. Being part of an organization requires more than reading member articles, reaping the benefits of free advertising and learning more about the industry you take part in. Being a member of an organization requires the member to be committed to the vision of the founders. Being a leader in an organization requires you to influence others to follow the vision, and this is achieved through involvement.

Without involvement, this newsletter would not be written, our web site would not be active and the annual seminar would not take place. Each piece of this organization requires members to be involved.

Think you’d like to influence the industry around you? Apply for position on the board of directors. The TCRA is looking for additional assistance in organizing events, submitting articles and growing the organization to its fullest potential.

Over the past, highly dedicated members have made most of the contriubtion and effort. It’s your turn! Fill out the insert, available in this edition of the TCRA newsletter, or email your submission to Len Wack at Each application will be reviewed by the board of directors. This invitation is for everyone, so apply Today!

– Found in November 2007 Newsletter