Correct Bond Line Temperature

Correct Bond Line Temperature Made Easy One of the important parts of getting a good bond on your TCC pistons or covers is to have the correct bond line temperature. Most experts agree that a bond line temperature of 400° F to 425° F is needed for a good bond. The gauges on a bonder tell you what heat is available to the heating elements, but the difference in mass, of the individual clutches and covers, make them heat up at different rates. It would be impossible to know what the bond line temperature of each clutch or cover was, without monitoring each piece. Jack Wolf at Myles Martin in Valley Stream, New York, found an easy way to monitor his bond line temperature. He puts a small dab of nonreversible temperature liquid as close to the bond line as possible. When the temperature liquid reaches its rated temperature, it melts. The temperature liquid is available in 40 different rates that range from 175° F to 2000° F. Jack uses the 400° F liquid. The temperature accuracy of the liquid is ± 1%. The temperature liquid is available in the McMaster-Carr catalogue; parts# 3261K93 and the MSC catalogue part# 82822115. This is for a 2oz bottle and costs $11.00 to $12.00

If you want to be creative you could add two additional dabs of temperature liquid (225° F and 275° F), and you could monitor the beginning and end of the flow cycle for your adhesive. (The length of the flow cycle is important.)

For the record there are also temperature crayons available that will accomplish the same results.

– Found in February 2007 Newsletter