Additional 45-RFE designs

Additional 45-RFE part designs identified

Over the course of a year, we have covered the Chrysler 45-RFE, otherwise referred to as the Dacco R-36, numerous times due to cracked hubs, improvements and updates. At this time we would like to discuss the differences in the clutch piston, turbine hub design and friction liner.

Many rebuilders are not aware of the variations of design this converter has. Clutch piston vary in design according to applications. Close examination is required before rebuilding to prevent mismatching components. Notice the difference in the contoured areas in photos A and B. In photo A, the contour is more prominent, approximately 40 degrees, and can be referred to as “Type One.” In photo B, notice the contour is harder to identify, approximately 25 degrees, and can be referred to as “Type Two.” Both designs of the pistons can be used in any application with the correct corresponding turbine hub, and by using a high-carbon friction liner. Mismatched pistons and turbines will negatively effect clutch operation, which is why the proper mate must be used.

Secondly, the high-carbon liner can be substituted to replace the OEM “grooved” modulated-type clutch liner and the conventional paper liner. The high-carbon liner provides an excellent co-efficient of friction which is suitable for any application.

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the three types of turbine hubs and turbine designs. This will prevent mismatching in the future.

– Found  in February 2007 Newsletter